Percussion Tuition

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Percussion tuition for all ages and standards covering many styles from Jazz, Pop to Rock and Hip-Hop. Vast experience teaching all budding drummers from 8yrs old to 80. From Congas & Bongo playing to African Djembe to Orchestral Marimba, if you can hit it then you can make some truely wonderful music it.

Latin Hand Drumming

A seasoned performer in Rock/Pop/Jazz, or a new passion your wanting to explore, there's always room to think about something new.

African Djembe

The dance begins in the drum. With an understanding of just a few techniques and sounds you'll be amazed at the texture of sound a single, well crafted drum can bring.

Tuned Percussion

From Gockenspiels to Xylophones, from Marimba to Jazz Vibraphone, there is a whole world of tuned percussion with a vast array of techniques to master.

Orchestral Percussion

The most overlooked section of the orchestra, Percussion played well can be a truely magical addition. From tambourine rolls to warming a tam-tam, the multitude of requirements for this diciplin is astounding.

Percussion Ensembles

with 100s of instruments, who needs a wind or string section anyway?


Pecussion isn't about nuts & bolts, its about light & shade, feel & texture...the smallest of subtlies can really add to the perception of your performance.



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