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Class Tuition

18+ Years Of Experience

As a teacher for the Northampton Music & Performing Arts Trust, Wellingborough Music Centre and Private Tutor there is a wealth of experience to draw from.

Deliver of Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3 Classroom Music Tuition, SoundStart Projects in Primary & Secondary School the gap in your curriculem is a welcome place to explore our Musical offering. As a Section Coach for Orchestra, Wind Band, Percussion Ensembles and Africal Drumming Groups you group will see the beifits whatever the size

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To provide a safe place to experiment and develope musical ideas and understanding. To use music to freely express and comunicate not as a set of rules to rigidly follow, but as a language that encourages play & critical thought.

It's not just about playing music, it's about thinking & feeling music.

With a wealth of experience in Classroom Teaching, Group Tuition, Ensemble Playing and Individual Teaching, the developed nuturing support Delwyn can bring to your music playing regardless of its context. As a performer in Drum Kit, Percussion, French Horn, Piano & Trumpet, the aim is to get you enjoying and expressing yourself musically at whatever level you feel comfortable. And also to help strive towards that next level as a lot of the joy from music is the jourey.

  • 18 + Years Experience
  • Reading Notation
  • Technique
  • Advice & Consultation
  • Practice Techniques
  • Critical Thinking

Having studied at the Trinity College of Music and with teaching experience with the Northampton Music & Performing Arts Trust there is a wealth of knowledge & experience to draw from. As a performer in many instruments within Brass & Percussion a true understanding of the individual is at the heart of music tuition with Delwyn. It's not about trying to play like Dennis Chambers or Winton Marsalis, it's about helping you to express yourself now, in this moment. And through this an aim for development of options becasue you don't have to have a plan for world domination, but you can help yourslef to communicate freely through music.

Keyboard | Tuition

From the initial steps as novice to budding jazz comping...the path is inviting.

Drum | Tuition

Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Classical....Whatever your style, learn to bring more to the table.

Group | Tuition

African Drumming, Percussion Ensembles through to full Wind Band & Orchestra, its the next logical step to communicate through expression.



Music. Performance. Passion.

Delwyn Calcraft-Jones

Music | Tuition

Here to help you gain more from music.